Seasonal Management

Do you enjoy clear communication with your boatyard? Do you know what your yacht needs to be safe, fully operational and looking her best? Do you struggle to understand boat yard invoices? Do you take delivery of your boat each spring with items overlooked or unaddressed?

In season, is your yacht turnkey every time you step aboard? Are all systems operational, and is the boat cleaned, detailed, fueled, provisioned?

Becket & Co. offers you a worry-free solution:

Seasonal yacht management packages enable you to ENJOY EVERY MOMENT aboard your yacht. We can customize any of our seasonal yacht management plans to suit your needs.


In-Season Yacht Management Packages

Yachtsman Package

Twice monthly visit to your yacht includes the following:

  • Exercise yacht, run all systems
  • Polish stainless steel
  • Spot polish gelcoat
  • Clean yacht bilges
  • Check the engine room
  • Inspect fluids, belts, fittings, hoses
  • Exercise seacocks
  • Wash down exterior, scrub decks
  • Wipe down interior, clean head

Enthusiast Package

Includes EVERYTHING in our YACHTSMAN package PLUS…

  • Spend two days a month with a Becket & Company Certified Professional for on-the-water orientation OR a “cruising companion” to master the systems you don’t feel comfortable with. Build your confidence to take longer trips!

Concierge Package

Includes EVERYTHING in our ENTHUSIAST package PLUS…

  • Fuel boat
  • Pump holding tank
  • Provision with food and drink
  • Captain on demand
  • Weekly wash

Off-Season Yacht Management

Is your yacht getting ready to come out of the water? We also offer Off-Season Yacht Management Packages. Let Becket & Company inspect your yacht twice a month or more depending on the scope of work to be performed, communicate with your boatyard, and provide monthly condition reports. We will negotiate the terms of any projects and, once work has been completed, verify your invoices match estimates.