Benefits of our
Yacht Management Services


We are Your Advocate

Becket and Company represents your needs 100%. We answer to you. Not a boatyard, not a yacht broker.

Do What You Love:
Not Managing

As a yacht owner, you very likely face a number of yacht management issues and concerns. Managing your boat’s service, repairs, and maintenance – or finding a manager you have faith in – is so time-consuming and detail oriented that owning and operating your yacht can become a burden rather than the joy you want it to be. Let Becket & Company remove the stress and worry associated with yacht ownership, and free up your time to do what you love: boating.

Retain Your
Yacht’s Turnkey Condition

With Becket & Company Seasonal Yacht Management, not only will you ensure a turnkey experience each time you step aboard your boat, you will distinguish your yacht from the rest of the fleet, and optimize your position for resale.

Prioritize Your
Valuable Time

Avoid unplanned maintenance delays on shore or at sea. We ensure your time aboard is spent enjoying your boat, not managing unexpected issues while your guests wait on the dock.

No Surprises

Whether you’re building or refitting a yacht, or managing yearly maintenance, Becket and Company manages the process to ensure there are no surprises. With new builds and refits, we tackle the complicated processes involved and simplify them into an easy-to-understand format that enables an efficient flow of information between you and the boatyard. For complex custom builds or routine varnishing, we ensure your boat is built and maintained on budget, on schedule.

Confidence on
the Water

With Becket & Company’s on-the-water training, you’ll feel comfortable at the helm of your boat. Our private, on-board instruction will put your mind at ease, enabling you to handle boat operation, docking, navigation, and even emergencies like a pro. We can train you, your family, or your friends to operate your boat safely and effectively – or provide a seasonal “refresher” to re-familiarize you with your yacht.

Service Nationwide

Becket & Company currently serves boat owners on the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes, and serves all other areas with our Remote Yacht Management Service. Wherever your yacht may hail from or travel to, our network of Certified Becket & Company professionals is equipped to help.

Enjoy Every Moment

With Becket & Company full-service, premier yacht management, you and your family can ENJOY EVERY MOMENT of your time aboard your yacht.